MAG-UX can provide Visualization and Intuition of all the IT infra service section for Performance Monitoring and Security Monitoring and can analyze section of any failures.



MAG-UX uses wire data analysis to diagnose IT service failures, this feature has been developed to identify not only intentional failures but also unintentional failures.


Real-time Processing

MAG-UX provides alert/notification based on the threshold set through real-time monitoring. This feature makes IT service diagnosis with easy, fast and intuitive manner.

Section Processing

MAG-UX provides status analysis and alert/notification for each section and each element. This feature allows you to find failure section (obstacles) in real-time.

Diagnosis & Analysis

MAG-UX provides a variety of dashboards and real- time analysis tools to find failure section. This function enables performance and security diagnosis by “IT Control Tower”.


IT Control Tower

  • IT service infrastructure performance evaluation analysis
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Analysis of all elements
  • Analysis of whole section
  • Easy and fast decision making tools
  • Apply without increase of failure elements
  • Anomaly detection


Sectional Switch

  • Do not install agents that load the server (Agentless)
  • Do not generate artificial packets for monitoring
  • Do not use SNMP or Flow Data method which is difficult to process in real-time
  • Do not use script injection method that may cause security problems


Real-time transaction
analysis element
between client and server

  • Network time (RTT), usage measurement (BPS/TPS/etc.)
  • Client Application Monitoring (5Tuple/URL)
  • Anomaly behavior analysis and tracking (Anomaly TR/CPS/PPS/etc.)
  • Measuring connection performance by client environment (by region)
  • Server response time(Latency) and wait count(Wait) measurements
  • Measuring metrics by Application URI/DB Query
  • Transaction and anomaly behavior measurement by dedicated packet analysis