Visualize your
performance & security


MAG-UX monitors the performance and security of IoT Devices and IT service infrastructure in a highly visible and intuitive manner, enabling a service failure across end-to-end sections.



MAG-UX analyzes “wire data” to diagnose IT service failures in performance and security, and thus can identify both intentional and unintentional failures.
In the case of IoT services, MAG-UX Micro Engine(MUME) is installed on IoT devices to understand security and performance(device health check, network access detection, etc.).


Real-time Processing

MAG-UX provides alerts and notifications of status reaching beyond certain thresholds by real-time monitoring at one-second interval. And it is easy, fast and intuitive to use.

Sectional Analysis

MAG-UX analyzes status of IT infra by section level as well as component level, and signals any anomalous status. This enables you to find a failed section (element) promptly.

Diagnosis & Analysis

MAG-UX provides various dashboards and real-time analysis tools to find the elements and causes of failures preemptively. This powers an “IT control tower” for performance and security monitoring.


IT Control Tower

  • Performance analysis and evaluation of IoT devices and IT service infrastructure
  • Monitor security and performance by installing an on-device modules MAG-UX Micro Engine(MUME) on IoT devices.
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Analysis of all elements
  • End-to-end analysis
  • Tools for easy and fast decision-making
  • Deployment without adding a failure element
  • Anomaly detection


Sectional Switch
Mirroring(Port Mirroring for Each Section)

  • Agentless architecture not giving overloads to a server
  • Not Generating additional packets for monitoring
  • Not using SNMP or flow data methods that have difficulties in real-time processing
  • Not using a script injection method causing a potential security issue


Real-time transaction
analysis between client and server

  • Network Round Trip Time (RTT), usage measurement (BPS/TPS/etc.)
  • Monitoring client applications (5Tuple/URL)
  • Analysis and tracking of anomalous activities (Anomaly TR/CPS/PPS/etc.)
  • Connection performance measurement by client environments (by region)
  • Measuring server response time(Latency) and waiting session (Wait) 
  • Metrics assessment by application URI/DB query
  • Transaction analysis and anomaly detection by mirrored packet analysis